HoneyGuard Tetracyclines Rapid Test Kit

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Tetracyclines residues have toxic acute and chronic effects on human health and also reduce the efficacy and quality of honey. We specialized in upholding the all-natural, wholesome and clean and green image of honey.

Cat. KB01009K-50T

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This kit is used for rapid qualitative analysis of tetracyclines in honey sample.

Sample prepare method;

  (1) If the honey sample crystallized ,warm it in water bath not high than 60℃, till the honey sample thaw ,mix completely ,cooling as room temperature , then weight for assay.

(2) Weigh 1.0±0.05g homogenate into a 10ml polystyrene centrifuge tube, add 3ml sample extraction solution, vortex for 2min or shake it by hand until the sample is mixed completely.

Assay operations.

(1.)  Take bottles needed from the kit package, take out required cards, and make proper marks. Please use these test cards within 1h after open package.

(2.)  Take 100ml prepared sample into the sample hole by pipette, then start the timer after liquid flow.

(3.)  Incubate for 10min at room temperature.








doxycycline 15





There are 2 lines in the card result area, Control line and Tetracylcines Line, which are briefly  sed as “B” and “T”. The test results will depend on the color of these lines. The following diagram describes the result identification.

Negative: Control line and Test line both are red and T Line is darker than the control line;

Tetracyclines Positive: Control Line is red, T Line has no color or T Line is lighter color than C line, or the T Line is the same as C Line.



2-30°C in dark dry place, do not freeze. The kit will be valid in 12 months. The lot number and expired date are printed on the package.

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