MilkGuard 2 in 1 BT Combo Test Kit

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ARs in milk have been one of the major concerns in the recent years. Kwinbon MilkGuard tests are cheap, rapid, and easy to perform.

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Cat. KB02127Y-96T


This kit is used for rapid qualitative analysis of β-lactams and tetracyclines in raw milk, pasteurized milk and UHT milk samples. Beta-lactam and Tetracycline antibiotics are major used antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections in dairy cattle, but also for growth promotion and for collective prophylactic treatment.

But using antibiotics for non-therapeutic purposes has led to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which have infiltrated our food system and pose a huge risk to human health.

This kit is based on the specific reaction of antibody antigen and immunochromatography. β lactams and tetracyclines antibiotics in the sample compete for the antibody with the antigen coated o n the membrane of the test strip. Then after a color reaction, the result can be observed.


There are 3 lines in the strip, Control line, Beta-lactams Lineand Tetracylcines Line, which are briefly used as “C”, “B” and “T”.

Comparison of color depth among Line C, T and B


Result Analysis

Line T/ BLine C


β-lactams and tetracyclines residues in the test sample are lower than LOD

Line T/ BLine C or Line T/ B no color


β-lactams and tetracyclines residues in the test sample are higher than LOD


ILVO valid Test Kit

Results of ILVO validation showS that MilkGuard β-Lactams & Tetracyclines 2 In 1 Combo Test Kit is a reliable and robust test for screening of raw cows’ milk for residues of β-lactam (penicillins and cephalosporins) and tetracycline antibiotics below MRL. Only desfuroylceftiofur and cefalexin were not detected at MRL.

The test could also be used to screen UHT or sterilized milk on the presence of residues of β-lactams and tetracyclines.

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