MilkGuard Beta-Lactams & Tetracyclines Combo Test Strip-KB02114D

Short Description:

The kit can test 14 beta-lactams and 4 tetracyclines. room temperature and easy to read the result.

  • Cat:: KB02114D
  • LOD:: 3-100ppb
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    The kit tests milk in room temperature,  using 5+5min.

    1. Results

    There are 3 lines in the strip, Control line, Beta-lactams Line and Tetracylcines Line, which are briefly used as “C”, “B” and “T”. The test results will depend on the color of these lines. The following diagram describes the result identification.

    Negative: Control line, B Line and T Line are all red;

    Beta-lactams Positive: Control Line is red, B Line has no color;

    Tetracyclines Positive: Control Line is red, T Line has no color;

    Beta-lactams and Tetracyclines Positive: Control Line is red; B Line and T Line have no color;

    Invalid: There is no line “C”. (Line C is colorless), which means the operation is not correct or the reagents have been out of date. In this case, please read through the instruction carefully and do the experiment again with new kits.


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