MilkGuard Melamine Rapid Test Kit

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Melamine is an industrial chemical and a raw material for the production of melamine resins to make glues, paper products, textiles, kitchen utensils, etc. However, some people add melamine to dairy products to increase nitrogen levels when testing for protein content.

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  • LOD: Raw MILK: 50 PPB Milk powder: 0.5 PPM
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    The harm of Melamine to the human body is usually caused by urinary system damage, kidney stones and so on. Melamine is an industrial raw material, an organic chemical product with mild toxicity, often soluble in water, soluble in methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, etc. Long-term intake may cause damage to the genitourinary system, bladder and kidney stones, and in severe cases will induce Bladder Cancer. Generally, it is not allowed to be added to food, so be sure to observe the ingredient list when purchasing milk powder.

    On 2th, July, 2012, the 35th session of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission reviewed and approved the limit of melamine in liquid infant formula. Especifically, the limit of melamine in liquid infant formula is 0.15mg/kg.
    On 5th, July, 2012, the Codex Alimentarius Commission
    , the United Nations responsible for formulating food safety standards, set a new standard for the content of melamine in milk. From now on, the content of melamine per kilogram of liquid milk shall not exceed 0.15 mg. The Codex Alimentarius Commission said the new melamine content standard will help governments better protect consumer rights and health.

    Kwinbon Melamine test strip can be used for qualitative analysis of melamine in raw milk and milk powder sample. Rapid, convenient and easily to operate and quickly get results in 5 minutes. . Coupling antigen is precoated on NC membrane, and melamine in the sample will compete for antibody with antigen coated, thus reaction of melamine in the sample with antibody would be inhibited.


    Negative (-) : Line T and Line C are both red.
    Positive (+) : Line C is red, line T has no color.
    Invalid: Line C has no color, which indicates the strips a re invalid. Inthis case, please read the instructions again, and redo the assay with new strip.
    Aflatoxin M1 Test Results

    Note: If the result of the strip needs to be recorded, please cut the foam cushion of the "MAX" end, and dry the strip, then keep it as file.

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