We are delighted to annuance that Kwinbon Portable Food Safety Analyzer has obtained the CE certificate now!

The Portable Food Safety Analyser is a small, portable and multi-functional instrument for rapid detection and analysis of the quality and safety of food samples. It combines the two core technologies of chemical colour development by percolation and biological colour development, and has a wide detection range covering more than 70 indicators such as illegal additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, hormones, colours and biotoxins.

The instrument has the following features and advantages:

(1) Precise and quick detection: Adopting advanced microelectronic technology, combined with percolation chemical colour development and biological colour development technology, it creates the precedent of precise and quick detection. The testing process is simple, usually requires only 1-2 steps of operation, and the test results can be obtained in 2-25 minutes (the specific time depends on the test items).

(2) Rapid on-site testing: food samples can be tested on-site without the use of other instruments and reagents. Applicable to industry and commerce, health, agricultural departments and related food enterprises, for testing vehicles, supermarkets, markets, breeding bases, field and other special environments.

(3) Intelligent operation: built-in mathematical processing module can automatically convert the test results and indicate whether the sample is qualified. The chromaticity processing module makes the test results clearly visible, and can record, save and transmit data. The lab management module has built-in dynamic SOPs, eliminating the need to review paper manuals and making operation easier.

(4) Multi-functional integration: The portable food safety analyser not only has food safety testing functions, but also has a built-in water safety monitoring module, which can test water quality and has 18 built-in water quality testing methods and limited standards to meet diversified testing needs.

Portable food safety analyser has a wide range of applications, including food production and processing sites, food markets and supermarkets, catering establishments, schools and so on. It can help enterprises to detect and deal with food safety problems in time, and safeguard the quality and safety of food. At the same time, it also provides an effective monitoring tool for regulatory authorities to ensure that food on the market complies with relevant standards and regulations.


Post time: May-20-2024