• Elisa Test Kit of CAP

    Elisa Test Kit of CAP

    Kwinbon this kit can be used in quantitative and qualitative analysis of CAP residue in aquatic products fish shrimp etc.

    It is designed to detect chloramphenicol based on the p rinciple of “ in direct competitive ” enzyme immunoassay. The microtiter wells are coated with coupling antigen. Chloramphenicol in the sample competes with the coating antigen for binding to the limited number of antibody added . After the addition of a ready to use TMB sub strate the signal is measured in an ELISA reader . The absorption is inversely proportional to the chloramphenicol concentration in the sample.

  • Elisa Test Kit of AMOZ

    Elisa Test Kit of AMOZ

    The nitrofuran drugs furaltadone, nitrofurantoin and nitrofurazone were banned from use in food animal production in the EU in 1993, and the use of furazolidone was prohibited in 1995. The analysis of nitrofuran drugs residue needs to be based on the detection of the tissue bound metabolites of the nitrofuran parent drugs, since the parent drugs are very rapidly metabolized, and the tissue bound nitrofuran metabolites will retain for a long time, therefore the metabolites are used as the target in the detection of the abuse of nitrofurans. Furazolidone metabolite (AMOZ), Furaltadone metabolite (AMOZ), Nitrofurantoin metabolite (AHD) and Nitrofurazone metabolite (SEM).

    Cat. KA00205H-96 Wells