• Elisa Test Kit of Ochratoxin A

    Elisa Test Kit of Ochratoxin A

    This kit can be used in quantitative and qualitative analysis of ochratoxin A in feed. It is a new product for drug residue detection based on ELISA technology, which only costs 30min in each operation and can considerably minimize operation errors and work intensity. This kit is based on indirect competitive ELISA technology. The microtiter wells are coated with coupling antigen. Ochratoxin A in sample competes with the antigen coated on the microtiter plate for the a ntibody added . After the addition of enzyme conjugate, TMB substrate is used to show the color. Absorbance of the sample is negatively related to the o chratoxin A residue in it, after comparing with the Standard Curve, multiplied by the dilution factors, Ochratoxin A quantity in the sample can be calculated.

  • Elisa Test Kit of Aflatoxin B1

    Elisa Test Kit of Aflatoxin B1

    Aflatoxin B1 is a toxic chemical which always contaminates cereal, corn and peanut, etc. Strict residue limit has been established for aflatoxin B1 in animal feed, food and other samples. This product is based on indirect competitive ELISA, which is rapid, accurate and sensitive compared with conventional instrumental analysis. It needs only 45min in one operation, which can considerably reduce operation error and work intensity.


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