The problem of starch sausages has given food safety, an "old problem", a "new heat". Despite the fact that some unscrupulous manufacturers have substituted second best for the best, the result is that the relevant industry has once again encountered a crisis of confidence.

In the food industry, the problem of information asymmetry is particularly obvious. Food producers in the production process of raw materials, formulas, additives and specific production processes, etc., despite the relevant disclosure, but the majority of consumers are still facing high information barriers, in the face of such difficult to verify the information, often can only choose to "do not eat" this helpless but the most simple and efficient way to protect their own rights and interests.

In the face of this crisis of confidence, many starch sausage manufacturers and stall owners choose to "prove their innocence". Firstly, some starch sausage producers took the initiative to show their certificates, and then some manufacturers have eaten starch sausage in the live broadcast to prove the innocence of their products. Obviously, the problems of some unscrupulous manufacturers have triggered consumers' distrust of the industry as a whole, resulting in most of the manufacturers who have complied with the law and operated in a compliant manner being "wrongly injured", and the consequences of "driving out the good money with the bad" have occurred. Consumer trust collapsed after the "helpless self-help", both time-consuming and labour-intensive, is a market economy in the process of self-repair triggered by the loss of efficiency.

So, how to avoid the recurrence of "bad money expelling good money"? How can we reconcile "China on the tip of the tongue" with "China with food safety"? How to introduce mechanisms designed to regulate food production behaviour and rebuild consumer trust? In the face of this series of "soul torture", the answer may be clear: vigorously develop food safety testing, the implementation of the source of food and production of "the whole process + full-cycle" traceability, the regulatory authorities as soon as possible to formulate industry standards, sound industry norms, the illegal producer To be "punched", safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, completely break down the supply and demand side of the information barriers, enhance mutual trust, is to let the producers do comfortably, consumers eat at ease with the root of the solution.

It should be noted that the development of lightweight, high-speed and fast food safety testing technology and the development of innovative products that enable consumers to carry out their own food safety tests can not only force food producers to consciously produce in accordance with the standards and processes, but also reassure consumers that they can buy with peace of mind. In essence, innovating food safety testing technology is also developing new productivity. New productivity is actually embedded in our daily lives. The use of advanced technology, the traditional industry to achieve the depth of empowerment, to stimulate the new momentum of the traditional industry, for the industry's high-quality development, "escort", is one of the intrinsic meaning of the new quality of productivity.

In the face of another food safety question, food manufacturers should also take off the veil of mystery, through the "webcast" and "transparent workshop" and other forms, to win the trust of consumers.

Post time: Mar-20-2024