In recent years, the detection rate of carbendazim pesticide residues in tobacco is relatively high, posing certain risks to the quality and safety of tobacco. Carbendazim test strips apply the principle of competitive inhibition immunochromatography. Carbendazim extracted from the sample binds to the colloidal gold-labelled specific antibody, which inhibits the binding of the antibody to the carbendazim-BSA coupler on the T-line of the NC membrane, resulting in a change in the colour of the detection line. When there is no carbendazim in the sample or the carbendazim is below the detection limit, the T line shows stronger colour than the C line or there is no difference with the C line; when the carbendazim in the sample exceeds the detection limit, the T line does not show any colour or it is significantly weaker than the C line; and the C line shows colour regardless of the presence or absence of carbendazim in the sample to indicate that the test is valid.

This test strip is suitable for the qualitative detection of carbendazim in tobacco samples (post-harvest to-be-roasted tobacco, first-roasted tobacco). This hands-on video describes the pre-treatment of tobacco, the procedure of test strips and the final result determination.


Post time: Apr-25-2024