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The Surabaya Tobacco Exhibition (WT ASIA) in Indonesia is Southeast Asia's premier tobacco and smoking equipment industry exhibition. As the tobacco market in Southeast Asia and the
Asia-Pacific region continues to grow, as one of the most important exhibitions in the international tobacco field, it has attracted many manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and purchasers in the field of tobacco smoking equipment to gather together.

As a leading provider of testing solutions, Kwinbon participated the Surabaya Tobacco Exhibition. We demonstrated its revolutionary product that can effectively detect pesticide residues in tobacco.

By participating in the Surabaya Tobacco Exhibition, Kunbang effectively highlighted the importance of pesticide residue testing in the tobacco industry. The exhibition provides a platform for industry professionals to see first-hand the effectiveness of Kwinbon’s testing products.

At this exhibition, Kwinbon's products received a lot of attention. More importantly, the exhibitors got to know many merchants and visitors at the exhibition and became friends with them.

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Kwinbon’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of tobacco products is commendable. By providing tobacco manufacturers with reliable and efficient testing solutions, the company plays a vital role in safeguarding consumer health. With growing concerns about pesticide residues in tobacco, Kwinbon's products have the potential to become the industry standard.

Post time: Sep-27-2023