On 20 May 2024, Beijing Kwinbon Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 10th (2024) Shandong Feed Industry Annual Meeting.

During the meeting, Kwinbon displayed mycotoxin rapid test products such as fluorescent quantitative test strips, colloidal gold test strips and immunoaffinity columns, which were well received by the guests.

Feed Test Products

Rapid Test Strip

1. Fluorescence quantitative test strips: Adopting time-resolved immunofluorescence chromatography technology, matched with fluorescence analyser, it is fast, accurate and sensitive, and can be used for on-site detection and quantitative analysis of mycotoxins.

2. Colloidal gold quantitative test strips: Adopting colloidal gold immunochromatography technology, matching with colloidal gold analyser, it is simple, rapid and strong anti-interference of matrix, which can be used for on-site detection and quantitative analysis of mycotoxins.

3. Colloidal gold qualitative test strips: for rapid on-site detection of mycotoxins.

Immunoaffinity Column

Mycotoxin immunoaffinity columns are based on the principle of immunoconjugation reaction, taking advantage of the high affinity and specificity of antibodies to mycotoxin molecules to achieve purification and enrichment of samples to be tested. It is mainly used for high selective separation in the pre-treatment stage of mycotoxin test samples of food, oil and foodstuffs, and has been widely used in national standards, industry standards, international standards and other mycotoxin detection methods.

Post time: Jun-12-2024