This product adopts the principle of competitive suppression immunochromatography. It is suitable for the qualitative detection of machitic acid in wet samples such as agaric fungus, Tremella fuciformis, sweet potato flour, rice flour and so on.

Detection limit: 5μg/kg


Emergency measures should be taken immediately after food poisoning.

(1) Drinking water: drink plenty of water immediately to dilute the toxin.

(2) Induce vomiting: repeatedly stimulate the throat with fingers or chopsticks, as far as possible the stomach food to induce vomiting out.

(3) Call for help: Call 120 immediately for help. The earlier you go to the hospital, the better. If the poison is absorbed into the blood for more than two hours, it will increase the difficulty of treatment.

(4) Seal: the food will be eaten to seal, both can be used to trace the source and to avoid more human victims.

Post time: Aug-05-2023