In order to successfully pass the national-level agricultural product quality and safety county inspection and meet the national-level acceptance work on August 11, starting from July 29, the Pingyuan County Agriculture and Rural Bureau has mobilized the whole situation to further promote the propaganda and mobilization work of all cadres and workers, forming a " Everyone cares about food safety, and everyone pays attention to food safety".

As a supplier of self-developed rapid detection equipment and reagents, Beijing Kwinbon has achieved excellent results in the product verification of colloidal gold immunochromatography rapid test cards organized by Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Beijing Kwinbon was invited to participate in the rapid testing equipment training for agricultural products in Pingyuan County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, to help the on-site staff skillfully carry out the rapid testing work.


• Rapid test card pack for key agricultural products

Kwinbon has launched a number of pesticide residue quick test card packages according to the detection needs of local key control varieties and main risk parameters. One-time sample pre-processing detects multiple indicators, saving users' time, effort and cost.


• Pesticide residue rapid detection box


The rapid detection box for pesticide residues is equipped with experimental consumables and pre-treatment equipment, which can meet the experimental needs of colloidal gold detection methods. Convenient for users to carry, very suitable for outdoor use.

• Intelligent detection equipment

The Food Safety Analyzer supports single card, double card, triple card and quadruple card detection. It can accurately read the detection results, and it's of high degree of information. Together with Tongxiang (Shandong) Information Technology Co., Ltd., the equipment has been connected to the city and county agricultural product quality and safety supervision platform, and it has helped the city and county agricultural product quality and safety supervision departments to grasp the rapid testing work in a timely manner.


Post time: Aug-21-2023