What is "Cimbuterol"? What are the uses?

The scientific name of clenbuterol is actually "adrenal beta receptor agonist", which is a type of receptor hormone. Both ractopamine and Cimaterol are commonly known as "clenbuterol" .
Yan Zonghai, director of the Clinical Poison Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that both sibutrol and ractopamine are "beta receptor hormones". Beta receptors are a general term that includes many types of compounds. Some of them can be used as medicines, such as asthma medications; some are added to feed, such as ractopamine, which can accelerate fat decomposition and make pigs grow more lean meat, thus selling for a better price.

However, beta-receptor hormone was announced in 2012 as a drug that is prohibited from manufacturing, dispensing, importing, exporting, selling or displaying. Therefore, according to domestic animal drug residue standards, Cimbuterol is an item that cannot be detected.

Prevent the harm of clenbuterol: How to protect yourself from Clenbuterol?

Since clenbuterol easily accumulates in animal internal organs, it is recommended to eat as little pork liver, lungs, pork loin (pig kidney) and other parts as possible, and drink more water to speed up body metabolism.

Yang Dengjie, director of the Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment of Yangming Jiaotong University, said that although clenbuterol cannot be eliminated through heating, the substance is water-soluble, the residual amount can be reduced by soaking in water, passing through water, etc., and it is recommended to remove it by heating. After you buy the meat, wash it slightly and blanch it, which will hopefully remove some of the clenbuterol.

Post time: Feb-23-2024