Fresh drinks

Freshly made beverages such as pearl milk tea, fruit tea, and fruit juices are popular among consumers, especially young people, and some have even become Internet celebrity foods. In order to help consumers drink fresh beverages scientifically, the following consumption tips are specially made.

Rich variety

Freshly made beverages usually refer to tea drinks (such as pearl milk tea, fruit milk, etc.), fruit juices, coffee, and plant drinks made on-site in catering or related places by means of freshly squeezed, freshly ground, and freshly blended. Since the ready-made beverages are processed after the consumers order (on-site or through the delivery platform), the raw materials, taste and delivery temperature (normal temperature, ice or hot) can be adjusted according to the needs of consumers to meet the individual needs of consumers .


Scientifically drink

Pay attention to the drinking time limit      

It is best to make and drink fresh beverages immediately, and it should not exceed 2 hours from production to consumption. It is recommended not to store fresh beverages in the refrigerator for overnight consumption. If the beverage flavor, appearance and taste are abnormal, stop drinking immediately.   

Pay attention to beverage ingredients      

When adding auxiliary materials such as pearls and taro balls to existing beverages, drink slowly and shallowly to avoid suffocation caused by inhalation into the trachea. Children should drink safely under the supervision of adults. People with allergies should pay attention to whether the product contains allergens, and can ask the store in advance for confirmation.  

Pay attention to how you drink      

When drinking iced drinks or cold drinks, avoid drinking a large amount in a short period of time, especially after strenuous exercise or after a lot of physical exertion, so as not to cause physical discomfort. Pay attention to the temperature when drinking hot drinks to avoid scalding your mouth. People with high blood sugar should try to avoid drinking sugary drinks. In addition, do not drink too much freshly made beverages, let alone drink beverages instead of drinking water.


Reasonable purchase 

Choose formal channels      

It is recommended to choose a place with complete licenses, good environmental sanitation, and standardized food placement, storage, and operating procedures. When ordering online, it is recommended to choose a formal e-commerce platform.  

Pay attention to the hygiene of food and packaging materials      

You can check whether the storage area of ​​the cup body, cup lid and other packaging materials is hygienic, and whether there are any abnormal phenomena such as mildew. Especially when purchasing "bamboo tube milk tea", pay attention to observe whether the bamboo tube is in direct contact with the drink, and try to choose a product with a plastic cup in the bamboo tube so that it will not touch the bamboo tube when drinking. 

Pay attention to keep receipts, etc.      

Keep shopping receipts, cup stickers and other vouchers containing product and store information. Once food safety issues occur, they can be used to protect rights.

Post time: Sep-01-2023