On the occasion of the seventh "National Science and Technology Workers' Day" with the theme of "Lighting the Spiritual Torch", the 2023 "Looking for the Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers in Changping" event came to a successful conclusion. Ms. Wang Zhaoqin, chairman of Kwinbon Technology, won the title of "Most Beautiful Technological Worker" in Changping District in 2023.

The Changping District 2023 "National Science and Technology Workers' Day" symposium, jointly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Changping District Party Committee and the Changping District Science and Technology Association, was successfully held. Li Xuehong, vice chairman of the District CPPCC and chairman of the Science and Technology Association, and other leading comrades issued certificates and presented flowers to the representatives of the selected scientific and technological workers.

Ms. Wang Zhaoqin is a director of Zhongguancun Lianxin Biomedical Industry Alliance, and has participated in the EMBA training of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Tsinghua University. She also won honorary titles such as "Excellent Science and Technology Worker in Changping District", "Excellent CPPCC Member in Changping District, Beijing", and "First Prize of Science and Technology Innovation Award of Beijing Enterprise Association".

The scientific and technological workers of Qinbang Company will take this opportunity to continue to carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era of patriotism, innovation, truth-seeking, dedication, collaboration, and education under the leadership of Ms. Wang Zhaoqin, and continue to overcome core key technologies to become a trustworthy Food safety rapid testing service provider.

Post time: Aug-10-2023